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Did you know we have explored the people and organizations that are working to make Summit County a Good Place to live for over five years now?

We are changing the way we report the Good News in Summit County.

Because we find so much Good News, we feel that we need to change the way we present it. We don’t want our stories to be an unrelated series like the typical mainstream media news.

So many of the stories are very closely related, so we want to present them that way.

Community Focus Groups

We have found that the people we write about have organized themselves into (what we call ) Community Focus Groups, and together are pursuing larger goals and visions.

We define Community Focus Groups as a group of organizations and individuals serving in a common area, coming together to share resources and support each other in achieving shared visions, goals, and purposes.

We want to tell you their stories. We want to bring to light the work and visions of these Groups in areas like Homelessness, Poverty, Education, Building Up Neighborhoods, and more. We will tell the stories of the individuals and organizations from these and other Community Focus Groups, but in a way that reflects and demonstrates their larger vision and goals.

We have told many of the individual stories from within these Groups but not the overall story - not the grand vision or goals. We haven’t connected the dots to show the bigger picture. We will follow up by telling stories about how they are pursuing and accomplishing that vision and those goals.

Who knows. You may find yourself drawn into their story. Check it out -

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