Good Place Categories

A Good Place...


  • A Good Place is Safe for children
  • Children have opportunity and encouragement to learn and develop
  • Healthy family life


  • All adults have opportunity and encouragement to work to support themselves
  • Our work tends and improves our selves and our world


  • Protect rights
  • Mutual respect
  • Healthy environment
  • Crime:  Overcoming Evil with Good
  • Serve others
  • Every individual provided the opportunity and encouragement to engage in life-long intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Housing: safe, adequate, healthy, beautiful and sustainable

Spirit Life

  • A Good Place is prayed for
  • In a Good Place people hear the Gospel


  • Tend and preserve natural beauty
  • What we build be beautiful
  • Express beauty
  • Have beauty in our lives (not just the wealthy)

Community Development

  • People who work to build good places in many, most or all categories for a specific geographic area.