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Dr. Jason Carthen

Former Pro Football Player
Jason Carthen Speaks Life into Organizations & Individuals
(Part 2)

By: Katie Sobiech

This year alone, Former Pro Football player and President/CEO of Redeemed Management & Consulting, Jason Carthen, has had a chance to stand in front of nearly 6,000 students.

Through several different initiatives, Carthen has the opportunity to reach out to youth, teaching them to make good choices and giving them a positive example to look up to.

Carthen finds it equally important to reach their fathers, as well as teach economic empowerment.

Everything he does works hand-in-hand, forming a unique brand. Mixing philanthropy, business, and heart is key to his personal fulfillment and successful work.

Dr. Jason Carthen

Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative

“I grew up in a single parent home. I never knew my father and that was very challenging,” Carthen shared.

“It’s my hope that we can somehow eradicate this whole idea of fatherlessness and not having them in the homes. I’m very intentional about taking c,” he continued.

Typically, Carthen talks to the students about making good choices and holding on to, or embracing, the 4 pillars that he believes will allow them to be “exceptional in life.”

These 4 pillars include: teamwork, inspiration, excellence in relationships and servant leadership.

“Developing those 4 pillars will not only allow them to be an actively and civically engaged individual, but it will probably lead them on the pathway to success if they successfully understand and embody those,” Carthen said.

Positive Results

“We get a lot of great feedback and people who will sign up for our mentoring program after that and we go deeper with them,” Carthen shared.

If kids want to take it a step further, they can attend Carthen’s summer camp as well.

“We try to make it so that everyone can come and have high level exposure and work with athletes at a very high level for 2 weeks. It’s a great opportunity,” he said.

Guest speakers are always in attendance and state of the art facilities are used.

Along with school children, Carthen visits troubled youth, in hopes to have an impact on their lives as well.

Donald K. Lomax, Case Manager at Summit County Juvenile Court says “There was a sense of wonder and amazement at having a life-size NFL player within their grasp. One young man said (Dr. Carthen) used words that were foreign to him…words like destiny and purpose. Hearing those words in this context was very powerful. It is apparent that no one is speaking into the lives of these guys on a consistent basis.”

Along with touching the lives of youth, he is reaching out to their fathers.

Dr. Jason Carthen

Fatherhood Initiative

Every quarter, Carthen works with fathers to demonstrate to them how important they are in their children’s lives, why they are important, what the statistics show about when they are not in the home, and the benefits of marriage.

“With that they have a greater understanding on how they are valued and what it means at the end of the day for them to not only actively engage in their children’s lives, but to demonstrate and show their children why it’s important and how much of a better chance they have in life statistically if they are in the home,” Carthen said.

And for those who are trying to turn their lives around, Carthen offers classes and one-on-one coaching to promote economic empowerment.

Dr. Jason CarthenDr. Jason CarthenDr. Jason Carthen

Economic Empowerment

Carthen strongly believes in small business entrepreneurship and empowerment in the work place.

“We try to develop ideas with individuals whether it’s through securing a small business loan, putting together your business plan, or productizing what you do. This allows individuals to take what they already understand, or what they’re trying to develop, and gives them resources through some entities that already exist so they can develop their brand and become economically empowered that way,” Carthen says.

And as for who’s inspired and supported him, Carthen says he couldn’t do it without his wife, Miriedy.

“My bride has been very supportive and really has shown me from a faith perspective that having that person in your corner gives you the strength to move forward. That’s very important. She’s very successful in her own right. She encourages me every day,” Carthen said.

Upcoming Activities

For those interested, Carthen’s Celebrity Golf Classic is coming July 26th. There will be baseball, hockey and NFL players there, as well as their mayor.

Their second round of camp starts July 24th -27th for boys and girls, coed, ages 7-17. There will be football, basketball and soccer. Register online or call.

Also, watch for Carthen’s latest book coming out in the fall!

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