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Summit Education Initiative

Summit Education Initiative
Introduces Innovative Ideas
to Keep Kids on Track (Part 2)

By Katie Sobiech

With education being the key to success, the Summit Education Initiative’s (SEI) new model has been designed to help schools guide children in their schooling to keep them on track, every step of the way.

Crucial “landmarks” that they measure in a child’s developmental life are Preschool and Kindergarten, Middle School and High School, all with the aim to prepare kids for College.

“Ready to Learn”

The very first step that they take in a child’s life is “Ready to Learn”.

“The key thing for us is kindergarten readiness,” Derran Wimer, Executive Director at SEI, said.

“When kids enter kindergarten (we want to make sure) that they have the basic skills in 5 different domains that help them all start on a level playing field Day One of kindergarten,” he said.

“We’re working with the preschools in the county. Encouraging them to help make sure the kids are ready,” he continued.

3rd Grade Readiness

After “Ready to Learn” comes their 3rd Grade Readiness step.

They are currently beginning to help schools be sure their kids are ready for the very important 3rd grade reading test.

“It’s become a high stakes test for them because now there’s a possibility of retention if the students don’t meet a certain level on the state tests,” Wimer explained.

“Were working with schools to help them understand their data and begin to predict very early on if children are falling off track of being ready to pass the 3rd grade reading test. We look at their kindergarten scores (to see if they’re on track),” Wimer continued.

Through this, they find whether a child is at low, high or moderate risk, or no risk at all.

“That helps the schools to prescribe some action and get them all on track as early as possible,” Wimer said.

8th Grade Math Readiness

Next is the 8th Grade Math Readiness.

Wimer refers to the 8th grade math readiness test as “The gateway into all kinds of advanced courses.”

“We point towards success. There is predictive analytics to help schools identify which kids are on track to be successful of the 8th grade test,” he said.

They also help them prepare for ACT test.

“We want our kids to have choices, not consequences, when they leave High School,” Wimer said.

Providing these analytics to keep kids on the right path and successful in their educational goals leads them to college and/or the careers that they hope to achieve.

Watch for next week’s story on how SEI is tying in with the community, forming partnerships and how everyone in a child’s life can make a difference.

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