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The Daughter Project:
A Home of Healing for Human Trafficking Victims

Part Two

By Katie Sobiech

The Daughter Project, a fairly new home for victims of human trafficking in the Toledo area, is helping girls by offering them a safe place to heal from a painful past.

They currently have one home, but hope to open up several new homes to girls as they gain more house mothers. They are looking for single, faith-filled women who are interested in becoming live-in house moms.

Each day presents new opportunities of healing and re-learning, in a sense, how to live a “normal” life for these girls, and they are in need of guidance.

The Daughter Project

A Day in Their Life

The Daughter Project makes sure to keep the girls well-rounded in many areas, by keeping them in school, getting them involved in activities, keeping a spiritual focus and helping them heal emotionally.

During the day the girls work on public school online, so they aren’t falling behind.

A house mom keeps watch over the house 24/7, preparing meals with the girls and providing chores that they are responsible for.

The Daughter Project

Partnering with the Community

They have a wonderful connection with Emerge Counseling Services here in Akron.

“Emerge provides counseling services for all of the girls. They cover that expense which is extremely kind of them,” Jane Ginter, Case Manager with the Daughter Project, shared.

They also have two groups each week that focus on education, awareness and inner healing. One class revolves specifically around trafficking and what it involves, because many of the girls do not understand what they were wrapped up in. The other class is on topics such as healthy relationships, how to set boundaries and conflict resolution.

This is combined with getting out and experiencing fun activities.

“So they can get healing and lead a somewhat normal life,” Ginter shared.

The Daughter Project

Future Goals

Their future goals include:

• Second home construction in Fall 2013

• Foster Home Program/Permanent Housing, College & Job Assistance in Fall 2013

• Community Education/Prevention Program/John School in Spring 2014

• Second home construction done in Fall 2014

• The Daughter Project 'franchises' around country in Winter 2014

How you can help

Two more homes have been donated to this project but they cannot begin to fill the homes with girls until they have sufficient help. They are currently looking to hire house moms to keep watch over the homes.

“We also need donations to get the houses up and running too!” Ginter said.

Adopt-A-Daughter and volunteer work are also ways to get involved.

If you suspect someone is being trafficked, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline: 1-888-373-7888.

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