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Dare To Be Different

Dare to Make a Difference
in Your Community

By Katie Sobiech

The city of Akron is filled with opportunities to give back. On practically every street corner is another non-profit, ministry or person making a difference.

Have you ever reached out to help the community? Or thought about it?

In January, two women came to Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, all the way from England and Nashville, Tennessee, to inspire, encourage and uplift fellow women to dare to be whatever they feel they called to do and be.

Christian Recording Artist and Author, Natalie Grant, and Author, Speaker and Creator of “Cherish” women’s conferences, Charlotte Gambill, want to start a revolution; not of just living the same old ‘ho-hum’ lives, but living an extraordinary life, by doing for others.

A life of service is certainly not a life wasted.

“God is daring every one of you as you approach another year of your life to not just put Him in a box this year,” Gambill said.

“Have you got a ceiling on what He can do in your life?” she asked the crowd.

Dare To Be Different

Born to Reach Out

“We came tonight to make you realize that you were born for greatness. You were born to change lives and to be the message of hope to people in your neighborhoods and your communities,” Gambill said.

Their faith-filled message was one of hope, but one also that inspired action.

“You were given a gift. When Christ came to your life and he saved you, healed you and restored you, he said ‘Tag. You’re it! It’s now your turn to go and take my healing to someone else, take my restoration to someone else, take my life to someone else,” Gambill continued.

Dare To Be Different

Reaching Out Locally and Globally

A big issue on Grant’s heart is human trafficking. The statistics of this local and global issue are startling. Find out more about Grant’s efforts at

But the ladies encouraged reaching out locally, in your sphere of influence, whether it be at home, on the job, or in the grocery store, as well.

They honored one local woman who overcame tremendous obstacles and hurt, but handed over her pain so that it could be transformed into purpose. She has been mentoring and serving younger women for years and years.

This is what we need more of.

Date To Be Different

What do you Dare to Be?

At the end of the evening, a call was given. Each woman was to fill in the blanks of her notecard, “I dare to be….” (fill in the blank).

To know her purpose, her passion and her role on this earth…

Whether it was to be more courageous, a voice for the hurting, to be more patient, or more giving…whatever it was, it was a challenge for women everywhere to make their actions speak louder than their words.

When asked how the two of them got connected Gambill said “It’s a God story, which are always the best ones!”

So, what is your story going to be? What are you going to dare to do and be this New Year? In what ways do you plan to make a difference at your school, in your home or community?

To find out more about the Dare to Be movement, visit!


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