1220 AM "The Word" with Glenn Mertz:
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By: Katie Sobiech

Are you looking for a good, informative Christian talk radio station that shares your faith, and what is going on locally regarding missions? Look no further, 1220 AM. "The Word", has come to the rescue. With a variety of local pastors and authors as guests, the show's host, Glenn Mertz, always keeps new topics relating to the Christian life stirring.

Start your morning right by waking up with a positive word and local missions insights as to what's going on in our community. Their guests always include a great mix of local ministries, pastors and authors.

"We try to feature as many churches and ministries as we can. I have a lot of authors on because it affords me a lot of different subjects. I get a lot of great feedback from people who love hearing about (different topics)," Mertz said.

The show is live every morning from 10:30-11:30 a.m., always featuring new guests. Various other taped programs run throughout the day, including teaching from Chuck Swindoll and Pastor Alistair Begg.

They have had over 100 pastors on the program since the start of the show.


What to Expect

"The Word" is radio with purpose.

"The vision is to reach people for Christ. We are not here on any level to replace local churches. We're here to support local churches and that's what the mission is," Mertz shared.

Along with sharing the heart and vision of local ministers, Mertz also interviews national ministers. Some of his guests have included Charles Stanley, Chuck Colson and Ron Moore.

Regardless of all of the "big names" in the Christian community he's interviewed, Mertz's favorite guests are everyday pastors.

"I just really love talking to pastors who, in the beginning of their lives, didn't have God but suddenly they were changed and you know, it brings tears to your eyes sometimes," he said.


Connect Online

"The Word", a sister-station of 95.5 "The Fish", can also be caught online.

Their website offers many resources, including newsletters on a variety of topics, devotionals, community events, and podcasts of past shows.

If you miss a show, make sure to check out the archived podcasts.

Mertz also has a blog; the majority of entries being on the topic of prayer. Mertz has much wisdom and plenty of stories to share. He's been in radio since college and his career history includes working at MAGIC 105.7, 3WE (now TAM) and some smaller stations. He's been at 1220 a.m. for eight years.

Mertz says working at 1220 AM. has given him "a sense of peace".

"It just feels good to know that there are people out there that are benefiting from this station and what we do. I think that is probably what gives me the most enjoyment from this job," Mertz shared.

To find out what is going on in our community, to be educated on topics relating to the Christian life, and to hear from local pastors and ministries check out .


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